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Currently Serving the Following Counties:

  • Buena Vista

  • Calhoun

  • Carroll

  • Cherokee

  • Clay

  • Crawford

  • Dickenson

  • Emmet

  • Hamilton

  • Humboldt

  • Jackson

  • Kossuth

  • Martin

  • Palo Alto

  • Pocahontas

  • Sac

  • Webster

  • Winnebago

We are updating this list as we get approved in counties currently not served. If your county is not on the list, please call our office in Palmer at 712-359-7712 or Emmetsburg at 712-852-2692 to see if it has been approved.


Wessels Oil offers two products for dust Control

If road dust is becoming an annoyance to your country lifestyle or your residence is under constant airborne attack, Wessels Oil has the perfect remedy! We offer both Spring and Fall Applications for residential and commercial locations.


Wessels Oil offers two different products for dust control:


Salt-Based Product

This product draws moisture from the air to keep the road damp. This is the most common choice, but please check with us on whether the county you reside in allows for this product to be spread.


Organic Blend

This blend, also known as tree sap, binds the soil particles together. This is a newer product and has been found to be just as popular as magnesium chloride.

For pricing and an application for dust control please call one of the offices listed above. To get scheduled for dust control please fill out paperwork by May 1st.

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